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Jessica Alba with Long bob

  1. You can spend hours on styling – and a small fortune on products – but nothing will improve your style more than a simple trim.emma-watson-2014-oscars-051-781x1024
  2. Be sure to visit your hairdresser every four to six weeks to rid hair of split ends and tidy up your cut.
  3. Split ends will only split further if not taken off. As a rule, if you want to maintain a healthy style, every time your hair grows an inch, cut an inch.
  4. Your hair will not only look healthier, it will appear thicker too.

Style SavioursWella Enrich Hair Ends Elixir– Seals damaged ends leaving it looking healthy & smooth without looking greasy & light.

Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment– Helps seal split ends for smooth, healthy looking results.

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