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The relationship between you and your hairdresser

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Ever wondered why you develop a lifelong bond with your hairdresser ?

If you spend an hour within a persons personal space it becomes intimate. If you spend that time sharing life stories it becomes personal. If you know more about them than their friends or family might know it becomes deep.

A client only sees you for an hour or so every 6 to 10 weeks so they naturally feel the need to catch up on their lives and ask about yours. They can say things they wona��t say to their best friends because they feel you wona��t judge them, they can also drop the mask of being mother,sister, wife, daughter or friend and just be themselves. That leads to an investment in emotion. Sometimes being in the chair is the very short time they get to be themselves.

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Clients share very personal details and highly confidential information & get emotionally close to their hairdressers probably uniquely so because of the physical proximity and intimacy that we are in.

The pregnancies,engagements, marriages and career successes are all a privilege to share especially with long-term clients who have been working and hoping for a long time.

Sometimes a client can feel theya��ve over shared and that makes them reflect and not return. That can be upsetting as a hairdresser and confident as you feel there was a relationship. The client disappears without an explanation leaving you wondering what was done or said or if they are ok.

I think a client is attracted to their hairdresser vega 100 side effects urdu. because of the similarities in personality, values and especially trends with hair.

It doesna��t matter whether a client is young, old, rich or poor, male or female, straight or gay. If you are outgoing have an opinion, enjoy life and share my values we become friends.

Some people that dona��t meet those traits can still be more of a client. I have very trusted and comfortable relationships with clients that hardly speak and certainly dona��t share and thata��s fine too, ita��s knowing when to listen and went to talk that takes years of experience.

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