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Double Disconnection

Double Disconnection

Double Disconnection

The cut : The unique cut is a double disconnection with low hard part at the first disconnection.

The style :Work gel through wet hair, this helps create hold when blow drying hair into shape resulting in the need to use less finishing product to get the desired look. Finish with a clay wax.


Sharp Fade

Sharp Fade

Sharp Fade

The cut : This crewcut inspired look features an expertly tapered fade around the side and back. The top is cut with lots of texture and a longer disconnected fringe.

The style : Apply hair gel to wet hair. Spike up hair with flat iron to get the signature bend. Finish with a clay wax. Set the style with hairspray and add extra shine with a glossing spray.

Lordly Mens

Lordly Mens


The cut :This medium length hairstyle is inspired by country gentlemen. Longer hair is sliced to create separation and remove weight.

The style : Apply a styling paste to wet hair for a little hold and matte finish. Blow drying using a paddle brush to smooth hair and add control. Finish with a fibre product.

I’m a firm believer that less is more, but that doesn’t mean less should be boring. The hair at this years Oscars was safe with the exception of a few.

Hair colour plays an important part especially if the style is to be worn straight and tousled or wavy or even pulled back which was evident on the red carpet, think Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts & Reece Witherspoon.

My favourite looks stood out from the hundreds of ladies that graced the red carpet. They wore their hair that suggested a little of their personality, style and willingly moving away from the same old long glamorous do.










hair-men-2015-side partmens-hair-2015-side-part

The Side Part

This look will continue to dominate in 2015, for something different, try parting on the opposite side. Hair can be stubborn when it comes to change so use a little extra product while hair is trained to lie flat in a different direction.


mens-long-hair-2015- -style-long-hair-men-

Long Hair

A length more commonly worn, replacing the questionable ponytails of the past. Anything chin-length and longer is cool be sure to keep going for trims. Unkempt hair looks lazy and unintentional compared to groomed and cared for long hair.

Conditioning is a must, make sure you add this to your shower routine to achieve healthy and strong ends.


new-hairstyles-for-men-2015-mop hairstyles-for-mop-hair-men-2015-

The Mop

This is perfect for all hair types and can be worn with a side-part or swept down. Long layers on top with an undercut is a favourite look of mine.


These coils look most modern when paired with a  centre part and just the right amount of bend

These coils look most modern when paired with a centre part and just the right amount of bend

Tousled tresses

Tousled tresses

The side part really refines the look and makes it more stylised and chic

The side part really refines the look and makes it more stylised and chic


Air dried texture - bedhead and natural

Air dried texture – bedhead and natural

Amanda Seyfried wearing French braids Knotted together at the neck with the remaining hair gathered in a low ponytail

Amanda Seyfried wearing French braids Knotted together at the neck with the remaining hair gathered in a low ponytail


Behati Prinsloo wearing a fishtail plait

Behati Prinsloo wearing a fishtail plait


Plaited bun created for Dolce & Gabbana Autumn 2015

Plaited bun created for Dolce & Gabbana Autumn 2015


Wispy bun

Wispy bun

Sienna Miller

Blunt and wispy bob


Blunt bob on Jourdan Dunn

Blunt bob on Jourdan Dunn

Short and swept back

Short and swept back


'The lob' - the shoulder length blunt bob

‘The lob’ – the shoulder length blunt bob


The lob on Karlie Kloss

The lob on Karlie Kloss

Now more than ever you require a treatment to combat frizziness, damage, breakage and dullness as Summer contributes to these problems.


Damaged hair – PROTEIN

Our hair is made up of proteins with the outer layer of the hair resembling shingles on a roof. When the cuticle becomes damaged it exposes the inner-layer ( cortex) to styling and environmental damage. To repair the hair a protein treatment is often used, the protein fills and strengthens areas of the cuticle that have been damaged by wear and tear.


Since protein is a strengthener it can make the hair very hard which will make it more prone to breakage. Protein treatments should be used no more than once a fortnight.


Moisture is the way to go when addressing dry hair. Hair becomes dry before it gets damaged so stop damage in it’s tracks with a moisture treatment. If hair is lacking moisture it A�becomes harder to style, frizzier and looses shine. There’s no way to overdose on moisture but keep in mind your texture. If your hair is very fine too many moisture treatments can leave it limp and greasy.

Top treatments


Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy Born Again Essential Treatment Revitalisation Profonde

Born AgainA�EssentialA� -Protein Treatment

Kevin Murphy - Born Again Masque

Born Again Masque – Moisture Treatment

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Hair Repair Treatment

Hair Repair Treatment – Protein Treatment


Super- Charge Moisturiser – Moisture Treatment

PROBLEM: Fine straight hair can become limp when exposed to humidity. Moisture from the air settles on the surface of this type of hair instead of penetrating it. In other words it weighs hair down.

SOLUTION: Add volume at the roots with hairspray or a matt styling powder. Divide the hair into sections and spray or sprinkle the underside then gently back-comb each section.

PREVENTION: Lay off the heavy styling products. It’s tempting to douse fine hair with volume sprays to help combat limpness, these products cause build-up at the roots and in humid weather flatten hair even more. Bulk up on protein, fine straight hair lacks protein, which gives hair body and helps hold a style in humidity. To add protein, shampoo and condition with protein rich products.


Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Matt Powder “light style control and buildable hold”

De Lorenzo Elements Granite ” strong hold hair lacquer with certified organic bark oil”

Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2 ” cleansing colour-safe formula leaving hair fresh, shiny and full of body”

Elizabeth Moss at the Emmys

Sarah Hyland Emmys


Wow! Elizabeth Moss & Sarah Hyland were by far my favourite hairstyles at this year’s Emmys.

Elizabeth’s grown out pixie do suits all face shapes and compliments a longer fringe. Tapered at the neck softly creating movement and shape. With her fine hair her honey blonde not only creates bounce and fullness but says “Hollywood here I come”.

Sarah Hyland absolutely stole the show in a high ballerina bun. Situated high on her head it perfectly showed off her blonde highlights and allowed her makeup to shine.

Get the look:

  • Apply styling lotion to damp hair to add texture and shine.
  • Blow dry large sections of hair using a large bristle round brush directing the hair away from the face.
  • Using a straightening iron on medium heat to smooth any cowlicks or kinks around the hairline.
  • Brush the hair upwards towards the top of the head smoothing flyways with hairspray
  • Secure the hair in a ponytail with elastic. To add texture, backcomb the ponytail with a brush and hairspray.
  • Finally twist and wrap the hair into a bun and secure with bobby-pins. You can pull out small pieces of hair with your finger-tips or a tail comb for a edgy undone look.



You don’t have to live by the coast to achieve beach-like hair, as actor Taylor Kitsch. Grow your hair to about chin length and mostly one length.

Have your stylists slice or chip into the ends with a few disconnected long layers to create movement.

To create a sun kissed look ask your stylist for subtle balyage highlights. This will lighten the bottom gradually, going darker to the roots.

The key to remember is that it should appear naturally sunkissed.

Apply sea salt spray or matted wax for added texture and you will look like you have ‘hanged ten’ all day!


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