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Hair parted straight down the centre exudes an edgy feel and  confidence. I personally like it with one side tucked away behind the ear and has that slicked finish to it. Straight or wavy, it depends on what works for your face shape.

It’s best achieved when the hair is wet using a comb or tail comb ( that’s half comb half pointy end – we tend to foil hair with this comb ) Trying to part your hair once you’ve dried it to the side will be difficult to achieve a middle part. Run the comb in the middle and seperate into two even sides. By drying the hair with your part in the centre your more likely to find it won’t want to resume to its side part.

A little help with a styling product like wax or hairspray will help to achieve the hair to stay in place. For some fun back-combing (teasing) the crown you can create a 60’s vibe.

You also can cover your side part greys when your getting close to a touch up by moving the part to the centre.

Looking at how celebrities are wearing their hair during award season this year, (a lot of twisted and creative buns) which guarantees the style to stay that way throughout the night. I noticed how stunning the blonde tones were.

Rosamund Pikes Blonde highlights

Rosamund Pikesfinely weaved warm and ash blonde highlights adding dimension to the simple shoulder length bob – GORGEOUS!



Rosie Huntington Whiteley Blonde hair styles

Rosie Huntington Whiteleys rich gold balyage blending seamlessly from her light warm ash roots. Again two counteracted tones mixed together to create a soft light brown that compliments her skin tone beautifully.



Julianne-Hough twisted blonde bun

Julianne Houghs twisted blonde bun ticked all the boxes. Rose gold alternating with sandy blonde on top of a dark blonde base. The twist not only enhanced the colour but it gave her height.


Saoirse Ronan blonde golden globes

Saoirse Ronans light ash soft highlights blending into her golden ends.

Not a blonde but equally a stunning colour was :


Zendaya Golden Globes - beautiful blondes

Zendayas Mochal flashed highlights breaks up her rich and glossy chocolate base. The foils were woven thickly so that when her hair is being worn naturally wavy they create dimension amongst her curl.


The New Bob Emma Stone


This seasons celebrity favourite (un) done BOB is the ultimate cool-length for Spring.

This style is worn well straight as it does with a loose wave.


The new bob Karlie Kloss


Ask your hairdresser for a BOB that sits above your shoulders.

The ends require to be softly frayed with some gentle texturising rather than the sharp blunt line we all identify BOBS with.


Naomi Watts - The New Bob Straight-Side


Long or disconnected layering helps with movement and the best thing about it is you don’t require a lot of time styling it neatly as those ends need to move.


The New Bob Katy Perry



You can create so many different hairstyles and shapes making this style super-flattering and versatile.

How to : Apply volumising spray on damp hair combing it through before blow-drying it smooth. For extra texture sprinkle hair powder on to the ends and ruffle it through – easy!

The New Bob Keira - knightley demi bob haircut

  1. A technique using dark and light tones to accentuate shadow and depth on the face.
  2. If your face is round or square you can colour areas to specifically elongate or create a more oval shape. It can also work to shrink your forehead or define your cheekbones.
  3. A lot of consideration is taken into which tones work best for you and how much colour placed around the face to achieve the best results.

Heart Shape

Heart shaped face - Kate Moss

Light pieces are woven around the jawline and ears to soften the bottom half of the face. By mixing fine light tones with depth at the roots a more oval shape can be created.

Square shape

square shaped face - Sandra Bullock

Multi-tonal layers of light and dark are applied to all corners of the face shape, around the jawline and temples. This softens any hard lines and creates depth and texture.

Oblong shape

oblong shaped face - Sarah Jessica Parker

Deeper tones are applied to the root along the parting merging into lighter pieces weaved from above the ears to the ends of the hair. This will create an illusion of cutting off the face to create a slimmer and shorter shape.

Round shape

round shaped face - Kirsten Dunst

Ligher tones of colour are applied around the hairline from ear to ear to elongate the face and add brightness. Darker tones are applied to the underneath of the ears and the lower ends of the hair around the face to give the face shape more of a point.

Oval shape

Oval shaped face - Kylie Minogue

Not the only shape that suits most styles and colour but it is seen as the most desireable – all most the hourglass figure of face shapes. A completely bespoke colouring scheme can be created to add in depth thickening texture and shine.

I’m a firm believer that less is more, but that doesn’t mean less should be boring. The hair at this years Oscars was safe with the exception of a few.

Hair colour plays an important part especially if the style is to be worn straight and tousled or wavy or even pulled back which was evident on the red carpet, think Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts & Reece Witherspoon.

My favourite looks stood out from the hundreds of ladies that graced the red carpet. They wore their hair that suggested a little of their personality, style and willingly moving away from the same old long glamorous do.










Sienna Miller

Blunt and wispy bob


Blunt bob on Jourdan Dunn

Blunt bob on Jourdan Dunn

Short and swept back

Short and swept back


'The lob' - the shoulder length blunt bob

‘The lob’ – the shoulder length blunt bob


The lob on Karlie Kloss

The lob on Karlie Kloss

Elizabeth Moss at the Emmys

Sarah Hyland Emmys


Wow! Elizabeth Moss & Sarah Hyland were by far my favourite hairstyles at this year’s Emmys.

Elizabeth’s grown out pixie do suits all face shapes and compliments a longer fringe. Tapered at the neck softly creating movement and shape. With her fine hair her honey blonde not only creates bounce and fullness but says “Hollywood here I come”.

Sarah Hyland absolutely stole the show in a high ballerina bun. Situated high on her head it perfectly showed off her blonde highlights and allowed her makeup to shine.

Get the look:

  • Apply styling lotion to damp hair to add texture and shine.
  • Blow dry large sections of hair using a large bristle round brush directing the hair away from the face.
  • Using a straightening iron on medium heat to smooth any cowlicks or kinks around the hairline.
  • Brush the hair upwards towards the top of the head smoothing flyways with hairspray
  • Secure the hair in a ponytail with elastic. To add texture, backcomb the ponytail with a brush and hairspray.
  • Finally twist and wrap the hair into a bun and secure with bobby-pins. You can pull out small pieces of hair with your finger-tips or a tail comb for a edgy undone look.


1. Wash and towel dry your hair, next evenly distribute gel, mousse or salt spray. Using a blow drier stretch the hair with your fingers in upward strokes at the front and back at the sides, directing the airflow down at the back of your head.

2. Testing to feel your hair is bone dry before applying a matte wax or paste. Begin with a ten cent amount, rub vigorously in your palms to warm the product and immediately apply throughout the entire head, messing it up to make sure every bit of hair has been worked.

3. To achieve the desired volume, create circular motions with your palm around the crown of your head dragging your hand up. Follow with the same moves at the front and back throughout each of the side sections.


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