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What are texturising or matifying powders and how do they work?

How it works?

Achieving volume and texture from a little shaker bottle to create crazy volume is all about the fine white powder made from silica silylate. Silica is a rough particle which gives a matte look and will help “bulk up” the hair by increasing friction between hair fibres. The various ingredients in these powders all interact to absorb moisture, which means it will get rid of excess oil, contributing to the volumising effect.

How to use?

Use hair powder on dry hair, shaking the bottle gently achieving a fine dust on areas of your head where you require instant lift. The more you use the higher your head goes. Once you get the hang of the application technique, it is a versatile product, and you only need very small amounts. It definitely takes some practice to master as the delivery system can be weird and messy, so you have to make sure you blend it in well.

Which one to buy?

Some are stronger than others or some you need to use a bit more. Some have multiple holes and some only have one. The best one for overall volumising is OSIS-DUST IT TEXTURE MATIFYING POWDER. It not only hits the most surface area on your head and spreads the product evenly it’s more gentle with subtle volume.

Your hair will have a sortA�of cotton candy texture to it, especially if you use it all over, so if you’re a fan of natural feeling shining hair you might dislike this product.

Overall unlike hairsprays that is a wet product that can leave a residue and can weigh your hair down, this is a favourite styling product of mine. For it’s instant volume, to its actual size to fit in your bag and the endless creations of high hair!Short and Choppy




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