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Hair parted straight down the centre exudes an edgy feel and  confidence. I personally like it with one side tucked away behind the ear and has that slicked finish to it. Straight or wavy, it depends on what works for your face shape.

It’s best achieved when the hair is wet using a comb or tail comb ( that’s half comb half pointy end – we tend to foil hair with this comb ) Trying to part your hair once you’ve dried it to the side will be difficult to achieve a middle part. Run the comb in the middle and seperate into two even sides. By drying the hair with your part in the centre your more likely to find it won’t want to resume to its side part.

A little help with a styling product like wax or hairspray will help to achieve the hair to stay in place. For some fun back-combing (teasing) the crown you can create a 60’s vibe.

You also can cover your side part greys when your getting close to a touch up by moving the part to the centre.

Topknots have become a popular style amongst men, especially those who are into the hipster trend.

While there critics that deem the man bun as being emasculating, it has been proven time and time again that men can rock this style without having their macho card revoked.

The history of the top knot can be traced back to Japanese Samurais, Vikings and even ancient India, so it’s pretty safe to say that manly men rocking buns is nothing new. If you’re interested in giving the top knot a try, no matter if you’re rocking a tapered cut or a head full of locks.

Here are some of my favourite knots.














The Warrioe Braid 2


The Warrior Braid

hair breakage 3


Too many times I often see hair breakage around the face, particularly on blondes.

This occurs with excessive blow-drying colouring and the use of straightening irons.

Naturally this hair is finer than the rest of the hair and susceptible to damage.

There’s a tendency to style the hair around the face more than the back for obvious reasons.

What to do :

  • Ask your colourist to use a gentle creme lightener around your hairline. A low-strength colour will achieve the desired results because the hair is finer.


hair colour in bowl

  • Avoid pulling hair back tightly in a pony tail or bun as stretching the finer hair continuously will stress the hair to breakage. Spraying the hair down to achieve a sleek pulled back look is a great preventative.

hair breakage


  • Adding thermal heat protector to your blow drying regime will increasingly strengthen the hair and avoid breakage. These products really work!






break 2


  • Lastly – Moisture treatments a couple of times a week to benefit from manageability and strength

loreal treatment








Check out these pictures for inspiration that work well for the groom.

My advice is to keep the hair with a little bit of length.
The reason for this is that it will photograph better than short hair. Be comfortable and look like yourself. Either way just make sure everything is clean and groomed.

Plenty of male celebrity choose the messy look for the red carpet so it’s a proven formal hairstyle.

Slick hair is one of the most common formal hairstyles. It is preferable to use a matte product that won’t show up shiny in wedding photos. If this look is new to you get the right haircut and product to practice with a few week before the wedding or have a barber or stylist do it for you on the big day.


Mens Wedding Haircuts



Mens Wedding Haircuts - Couple



Wedding hairstyles for men



Wedding hairstyles for men



Wedding hairstyles for men


Wedding hairstyles for men



Wedding hairstyles for men





Haircuts for wedding hair out




Wedding hair tips for men


Wedding hair tips for men



Wedding hair styles for men





Gigi Hadid at beach

We all know slathering on sunscreen before a beach run is a no-brainer – but what about sun protection for your hair? If you’re not wearing a hat, then yep, your strands need UV protection says Sydney trichologist David Salinger.”UV light does two bad things. It breaks some of the bonds in the hair which can weaken it, and lead to breakage. Secondly it oxidises the pigment in the hair making it lighter in colour”.


long sunkissed hair


Start your damage control now by using UV technology haircare, these products work by absorbing the UV rays and preventing them from penetrating your precious strands.

As the weather warms up, our hair becomes more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. It’s all about maintaining strong follicles from the inside out, with a good shampoo and conditioner and also I suggest using a treatment two to three times a week for extra hydration to maintain healthy hair. Use the treatment after shampooing, there’s no need to condition as well, and blondes, listen up – your crowning glory needs even more shielding in the hotter months as honey shades become brassy as the colour fades. I recommend a hair toner, products specifically for coloured hair like violet based shampoo and conditioner which enhances lightened hair and stops yellowness. You can get a toner treatment in the salon which lasts up to 24 washes.


Hair care on the beach


Product Recommendations

Before Sun Exposure

Before Sun Shampoo and conditioner


CARE Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner :A gentle cleansing shampoo formulated to adjust to all hair types and conditions.



Before Sun Shampoo and conditioner


NAK Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner : Specifically formulated with Active Violet colour pigments that are deposited on the hair shaft to neutralise unwanted yellow tones. Added proteins assist in repair and provide internal strength promoting healthy manageable hair.


During Sun Exposure

aveda sun care protective hair veil

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil : A mist for damp or dry hair with natural UV protectors and nourishing coconut oil.



SachaJuan Hair in the Sun :Waterproof styling cream for a touch of hold as well as UV protection.


After Sun Exposure



Oro Therapy Mask : Enriched with micro active Gold and Sweet Cyperus Oil it detangles softens and nourishes hair making it silky, shiny and vigorous. Eliminates frizz.

loreal-absolut-repair-lipidium for summer hair care

L’Oreal Advanced Replenishing Formula : Enriched with Lipidum. Hair instantly feels more resistant soft and looks more shiny and repaired.

2015 Toronto International Film Festival - "Mississippi Grind" Premiere - Arrivals

There’s something undeniably attractive about the distinguished look of a man with silvery locks. Grey hair was once linked to growing old, now it’s a sign of sophistication, maturity and confidence. Sure, the appearance of greying can indicate that you’re moving on in life, but more importantly it’s a sign of one’s wiseness and tenacity, it shows that you’ve been around to weather the worst and you’re now at the top of your game. Your next step? Owning it. Here are some ways to rock grey hairstyles.


Mark Bouris grey

grey wavy hair in suit



grey hair styles



grey male haircut






grey male hairstyle



George Clooney




grey and glorious







mark buffalo grey


Versatile knotted fringe

Versatile knotted fringe


Elegant glamour knot

Elegant glamour knot

Slicked twisted cone knot

Slicked twisted cone knot

Interwoven twisted knot

Interwoven twisted knot

Slicked back clean knot

Slicked back clean knot

Messy blonde side plait

Messy blonde side plait

Blonde band plait

Blonde band plait

Messy blonde plait

Messy blonde plait

Banded fish-tail plait

Banded fish-tail plait

man braid top knot

man braid top knot

Secret hair tips from George1. Hair masks need heat. Apply one and leave it on in the bath. If you have really damaged hair, the longer you leave it on the better. Wrap cling wrap around it and sit in the sun – the heat helps activate it. Check the the treatment story – Top 4 Treatments

2. Go easy on the straighteners. People make the mistake rough drying their hair and then pull the straighteners through. The secret is to blow dry your hair (even if you’re curling it) as well as you possibly can first. Then pop your straightener on it. They’re there to aid you – not to be relied on.

Straightened Hair tips

3. Use a shine serum. The secret is to rub it into your hands, like hand cream, and almost get rid of it – then apply. Less is always more, you can always go back and reapply, but too much will appear greasy.

4. Special occasion? You need to cut it three weeks before the event and colour it two weeks before. Allow time to tweak or fix if necessary!


Hair tips


5. Colouring – A general guide. The lighter your complexion, the lighter your hair colour should be. The more olive your complexion, the darker your hair colour should be. The more ash your complexion, the more warmth your hair colour needs. The more warmth in your complexion, the more ash your hair needs to be.

6. When should you use your frizz fighting products? Always on damp hair, before blow drying. The ingredients absorb far better into the wet strands than when they are applied on dry hair.


Hair tips for frizz in winter

7. Always use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair. If you cheat and use a fine-tooth comb or a brush, it can stretch, and even snap the hair strand.

8.The golden rule is, less is more. Never overload your hair with product, as it will only weigh down strands.

Winter Hair

Snip Secrets

The problem : You’re trying to grow out your summer crop, but it looks thin and stringy rather than long and luscious.

The remedy : Cutting isn’t going to change the actual condition of your hair, regular snips will perk up the overall look and shape of your grown out style. Hairdressers unanimously agree on visiting the salon approximately every 6-8 weeks for medium to long hair, and every 4 weeks for shorter styles.

Sort Split Ends

The problem : Indoor heating has left your hair dry and prone to breakage.

The remedy : Dehydrated and brittle strands are generally a result of both environmental (a drop in temperature outside) and physical factors (the overuse of colour and bleach, or heated styling), which weaken your hair cuticle causing split ends and snapping. To prepare your stands for the cold, care for them at home with the right cleansing regime : shampoo, conditioner and a weekly treatment.


Winter Hair


Boost Body

The problem : The chill has left you feeling flat, but you don’t want your hair to look that way.

The remedy : To get the volume you want, its important to concur your strands while they’re wet. I suggest starting with a light weight volume building shampoo and conditioner. Fine hair tends to hold more moisture, so go easy on styling products. Steering clear of heavy serums (which rob your strands of body), and choosing light-hold mousses and mists instead. For weightless volume on the go, dry shampoo is essential for adding texture, grip and bulk to slippery fine hair.

Fight Frizz

The problem : Your winter woollens leave your wavy hair a static mess.

The remedy : The best way to control frizz is to use a hydrating shampoo, conditioner and weekly mask. This doesn’t mean you should drown them in rich conditioners and styling products – as these will weigh down your lengths. For the ultimate taming tool you can’t go past serums, which eliminate frizz, repel humidity and seals the hair’s cuticle to smooth waves for a glossy, frizz-free style. Try to avoid contact with coarse scarves, sweaters and coats which can contribute to fuzziness.


winter hair 5

Justin timberlake haircut slicked

The 1990s inspired wet look is fast becoming one of the most up to the minute ways to wear your hair.

Not every hair texture and cut can pull it off – those with a fine to medium hair and a high fade or an undercut are in a prime position to nail the style.


mens long hairstyles slicked-back


Slicking your hair straight back without a part is a good look, but it can feel a little severe. A side part can soften things up a bit. Make sure the neck is clean shaven and be mindful if you have longer hair as it can appear mullet-y. This style works well on a fresh haircut.


Slick hairstyle trends


  • How to styleThe right product is important
  • Pomades – Keeping the hair shiny and in place (Oil and water based product which will give you more shine)
  • Waxes – Allow you to have control over your style with minimal effort, and because of its matte finish it will leave your hair with a natural appearance.
  • Application – On damp hair distribute the product evenly right through to the back hairline.
    For a Don Draper from Mad Men look a comb is necessary to part and direct the hair to the side. A backhand mirror also helps to evenly slick the hair especially around the crown area where it is difficult to see.
    Alternatively rub the product in your palms and spread it back away from your face for a more casual look.
  • The secret – The key to keeping it looking fresh all day is to not touch it or fiddle as it will separate the slick.

wet look hairstyle for men - Brad Pitt




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