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Louise Brooks

In 1920 Louise Brooks knew how to highlight her cheekbones with a face framing short bob that still is worn nearly 100 years after she nailed this shape.



Easy to maintain after you’ve left the salon and easy to let it grow to a lob or longer. To keep it bobbed you will need to visit your hairdresser every 5 – 8 weeks, depending on how your hair grows. If your hair is thick you will need to ask your hairdresser to texturise the ends to create a modern twist. If your hair is fine, long layers and a long swept fringe always creates the illusion of fullness.



Solid colours either blondes or chocolates work best or baby fine highlights for a slight dimension to create interest.


Shorter lengths at the back are great for Winter to wrap scarfs and push up collars around your neck, this creates a nice silhouette.



Keeping the front longer for softness and on an angle from the back is a playful version of this shape especially when one side is tucked behind the ear.


Emilia Clarke


Future Bob


kim kardashian


naomi watts

Hair parted straight down the centre exudes an edgy feel and  confidence. I personally like it with one side tucked away behind the ear and has that slicked finish to it. Straight or wavy, it depends on what works for your face shape.

It’s best achieved when the hair is wet using a comb or tail comb ( that’s half comb half pointy end – we tend to foil hair with this comb ) Trying to part your hair once you’ve dried it to the side will be difficult to achieve a middle part. Run the comb in the middle and seperate into two even sides. By drying the hair with your part in the centre your more likely to find it won’t want to resume to its side part.

A little help with a styling product like wax or hairspray will help to achieve the hair to stay in place. For some fun back-combing (teasing) the crown you can create a 60’s vibe.

You also can cover your side part greys when your getting close to a touch up by moving the part to the centre.

Charcoal Brown


Opal Blonde



Dusty Copper




Faded Pastel

Faded Pastel



Antique Gold

Topknots have become a popular style amongst men, especially those who are into the hipster trend.

While there critics that deem the man bun as being emasculating, it has been proven time and time again that men can rock this style without having their macho card revoked.

The history of the top knot can be traced back to Japanese Samurais, Vikings and even ancient India, so it’s pretty safe to say that manly men rocking buns is nothing new. If you’re interested in giving the top knot a try, no matter if you’re rocking a tapered cut or a head full of locks.

Here are some of my favourite knots.














The Warrioe Braid 2


The Warrior Braid

January is always a great time to review what your hair styles have been the last 12 months or what you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Keep growing? Take the plunge and get adventurous with going shorter or changing your colour. My predictions are dimensional colours, lobs with texturised ends, mens sharp high fades with facial hair taken into consideration. Slick up-dos and tousled ponytails.


Here are a few inspirational picks.


Wavy Bob with Highlights Balayage Short Hair Styles for Women




Mens hairstyle for 2018




Jennifer Lawrence haircut for 2018



silver lob with a hint of lavender



davis beckham








Julianne Hough



Sophie Turner








Touseld Lob




Ponytail for 2018


Hair style for thicker hair for 2018


hair breakage 3


Too many times I often see hair breakage around the face, particularly on blondes.

This occurs with excessive blow-drying colouring and the use of straightening irons.

Naturally this hair is finer than the rest of the hair and susceptible to damage.

There’s a tendency to style the hair around the face more than the back for obvious reasons.

What to do :

  • Ask your colourist to use a gentle creme lightener around your hairline. A low-strength colour will achieve the desired results because the hair is finer.


hair colour in bowl

  • Avoid pulling hair back tightly in a pony tail or bun as stretching the finer hair continuously will stress the hair to breakage. Spraying the hair down to achieve a sleek pulled back look is a great preventative.

hair breakage


  • Adding thermal heat protector to your blow drying regime will increasingly strengthen the hair and avoid breakage. These products really work!






break 2


  • Lastly – Moisture treatments a couple of times a week to benefit from manageability and strength

loreal treatment







The Australian Hair Awards takes place annually to recognise the work of some of Australia’s most creative and innovative hairdressers.


Colour technician of the year - Adrian Rotolo from VIC

Colour technician of the year – Adrian Rotolo from VIC



Colour Tech Winner - Adrian Rotolo from VIC

Colour Tech Winner – Adrian Rotolo from VIC



New creative force - Cherie Falco from SA

New creative force – Cherie Falco from SA



Salon Team Of The Year - NSW

Salon Team Of The Year – NSW


NSW-ACT Hairdresser of the Year - Scott Sloan

NSW-ACT Hairdresser of the Year – Scott Sloan


Hair Winner

Winning Collections – Jason Fansbender



Winning Collections - Jason Fassbender

Winning Collections – Jason Fassbender



New creative force winner - Cherie Falco from SA

New creative force winner – Cherie Falco from SA



Hairdresser of the year - Pauline McCabe from Western Aus / NT

Hairdresser of the year – Pauline McCabe from Western Aus / NT



Salon Winner 2017

Salon Winner 2017




Victoria Hairdresser of the year - Hermiz Daniel

Victoria Hairdresser of the year – Hermiz Daniel

The latest avant garde styles for 2017 have a unique approach to colour and movement. These European looks have been designed by award winning hair stylists. These are the Oscars of avant garde hair styles.


Avante Garde Hairstyle

Fiery Waves


Snow Queen

Snow Queen



swing avante garde



Bold Undercut




Swept Purpleness

Swept Purpleness



Cosmic Waves

Cosmic Waves



Cool Hues blended with Blonde

Cool Hues blended with Blonde


Avant garde 2017

Satanic Rolls


Punked Hues

Punked Hues


Check out these pictures for inspiration that work well for the groom.

My advice is to keep the hair with a little bit of length.
The reason for this is that it will photograph better than short hair. Be comfortable and look like yourself. Either way just make sure everything is clean and groomed.

Plenty of male celebrity choose the messy look for the red carpet so it’s a proven formal hairstyle.

Slick hair is one of the most common formal hairstyles. It is preferable to use a matte product that won’t show up shiny in wedding photos. If this look is new to you get the right haircut and product to practice with a few week before the wedding or have a barber or stylist do it for you on the big day.


Mens Wedding Haircuts



Mens Wedding Haircuts - Couple



Wedding hairstyles for men



Wedding hairstyles for men



Wedding hairstyles for men


Wedding hairstyles for men



Wedding hairstyles for men





Haircuts for wedding hair out




Wedding hair tips for men


Wedding hair tips for men



Wedding hair styles for men





It’s no doubt that along with the new year we can expect to see a wide array of new and popular hair colours and styles. From the wild styles that celebrities rock on the red carpet, A�to the most subtle effects you can wear to work, you can find a new look perfect for you.

Whether it’s eclipting, balayage, or ecaille, 2017 has some cool colours in store.

Eclipting -A�Think of eclipting as countering for your hair. With this technique, the hair around your face is coloured darker than the rest, which ultimately makes your cheeks look slimmer. In order for this technique to work, you need an experienced stylist. When done correctly, this technique can dramatically change the appearance of your face.


Eclipting Hair Colours


Eclipting hair colour 2



eclipting 4


Tiger Eye Bronde – One of the hottest colours for 2017 will be Tigereye a blonde colour that incorporates honey, amber and soft brown highlights, painted on with the balayage technique. The popular hair colour started flooding Instagram in late 2016 and can be seen on celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. What’s great about this warm caramel colour for brunettes? It grows out seamlessly so you don’t have to worry about roots.


Tiger eye colour



tiger eye jennifer lopez 1


tiger eye jessica alba




Pastel -A�Pastel hair colours, like a peach, lavender, baby blonde and soft rainbow colours continue to be popular for those looking to fit outside the box. These colours give you a soft, cute look with just a hint of whimsy. They’re also extremely versatile. For instance, pastels can be combined with complementary highlights to create a wide range of stunning looks. Brunettes who don’t want to bleach their hair first should look to another popular hair colour, chocolate mauve which incorporates lavender highlights into a chocolate base.


pastel hair colour


pastel hair colour 2017



hilary duff pastel hair colour


Jewel tones –A�As popular as light colours are shaping up to be, dark colours are making their way into the spotlight too. A dark midnight blue or dark teal gives off a cool bad girl vibe. Dark colours also look flattering on most skin tones, so anyone can rock this look.


teal hair colour


teal colour 2017.


midnight blue hair colour


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