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Ready for a change ? Here are this seasons chic haircuts and colours.

From burnished Copper to Titian Gold, from early Spring to Summer, here are a few colours to keep in mind if your gradually wanting to be lighter when the festive season is upon us. I believe its always fun to experience different colours while transitioning from dark to light. This way you don’t compromise the condition and length.


red copper blonde hair color 559698 Dark Blonde Copper Golden Hair Color Back Free



Hairstyles for Medium Length Wavy Hair

Trendy Hair Color Highlights BLONDE BALAYAGE


Creamy Caramel highlights woven through a brunette base to add dimension also enhances your style. Whether it is texturised or layered, fine woven foils bring out the shape of your cut.



Caramel Blonde

Beyonce Hair

Creamy Caramel Lighter

Creamy Caramel


Nude or Neutral blonde. This is a customised natural light colour to match your skin complexion. These tones are either gold or platinum, they are a balance between ash and honey.

Gorgeous makeup and blonde hair

Jennifer Aniston

Nude Blonde

Nude Blonde

Gwyneth Paltrow Nude Blonde

Nude Blonde


Body and movement. An easy way to add some interest to your hair that is overdue for a change is to texturise it or feather the ends. A good shape from your hairdresser with a few disconnected layers, the textured shag should appear effortless. This hot look works well on all lengths. The secret is to get advice on the right product from your hairdresser.


Ombre Short Hair

Short Choppy Layered Hair

Hair cut

New Styles

Hair Styles

Seasonal Hair Style

Womens haircuts 2019-2020. Fashion trends, photos — fashionable style

Charcoal Brown


Opal Blonde



Dusty Copper




Faded Pastel

Faded Pastel



Antique Gold

The latest avant garde styles for 2017 have a unique approach to colour and movement. These European looks have been designed by award winning hair stylists. These are the Oscars of avant garde hair styles.


Avante Garde Hairstyle

Fiery Waves


Snow Queen

Snow Queen



swing avante garde



Bold Undercut




Swept Purpleness

Swept Purpleness



Cosmic Waves

Cosmic Waves



Cool Hues blended with Blonde

Cool Hues blended with Blonde


Avant garde 2017

Satanic Rolls


Punked Hues

Punked Hues

It’s no doubt that along with the new year we can expect to see a wide array of new and popular hair colours and styles. From the wild styles that celebrities rock on the red carpet, A�to the most subtle effects you can wear to work, you can find a new look perfect for you.

Whether it’s eclipting, balayage, or ecaille, 2017 has some cool colours in store.

Eclipting -A�Think of eclipting as countering for your hair. With this technique, the hair around your face is coloured darker than the rest, which ultimately makes your cheeks look slimmer. In order for this technique to work, you need an experienced stylist. When done correctly, this technique can dramatically change the appearance of your face.


Eclipting Hair Colours


Eclipting hair colour 2



eclipting 4


Tiger Eye Bronde – One of the hottest colours for 2017 will be Tigereye a blonde colour that incorporates honey, amber and soft brown highlights, painted on with the balayage technique. The popular hair colour started flooding Instagram in late 2016 and can be seen on celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. What’s great about this warm caramel colour for brunettes? It grows out seamlessly so you don’t have to worry about roots.


Tiger eye colour



tiger eye jennifer lopez 1


tiger eye jessica alba




Pastel -A�Pastel hair colours, like a peach, lavender, baby blonde and soft rainbow colours continue to be popular for those looking to fit outside the box. These colours give you a soft, cute look with just a hint of whimsy. They’re also extremely versatile. For instance, pastels can be combined with complementary highlights to create a wide range of stunning looks. Brunettes who don’t want to bleach their hair first should look to another popular hair colour, chocolate mauve which incorporates lavender highlights into a chocolate base.


pastel hair colour


pastel hair colour 2017



hilary duff pastel hair colour


Jewel tones –A�As popular as light colours are shaping up to be, dark colours are making their way into the spotlight too. A dark midnight blue or dark teal gives off a cool bad girl vibe. Dark colours also look flattering on most skin tones, so anyone can rock this look.


teal hair colour


teal colour 2017.


midnight blue hair colour

Looking at how celebrities are wearing their hair during award season this year, (a lot of twisted and creative buns) which guarantees the style to stay that way throughout the night. I noticed how stunning the blonde tones were.

Rosamund Pikes Blonde highlights

Rosamund Pikesfinely weaved warm and ash blonde highlights adding dimension to the simple shoulder length bob – GORGEOUS!



Rosie Huntington Whiteley Blonde hair styles

Rosie Huntington Whiteleys rich gold balyage blending seamlessly from her light warm ash roots. Again two counteracted tones mixed together to create a soft light brown that compliments her skin tone beautifully.



Julianne-Hough twisted blonde bun

Julianne Houghs twisted blonde bun ticked all the boxes. Rose gold alternating with sandy blonde on top of a dark blonde base. The twist not only enhanced the colour but it gave her height.


Saoirse Ronan blonde golden globes

Saoirse Ronans light ash soft highlights blending into her golden ends.

Not a blonde but equally a stunning colour was :


Zendaya Golden Globes - beautiful blondes

Zendayas Mochal flashed highlights breaks up her rich and glossy chocolate base. The foils were woven thickly so that when her hair is being worn naturally wavy they create dimension amongst her curl.


These latest predictions are bold and fun. If you’re not game, I recommend introducing any of these tones in a subtle way. If you’re feeling for a change then these colours will certainly turn heads!

Espresso Violet Brown

Colours for 2016 - espresso violet brown

Flashed violet pieces interwoven under the part spilling through the brown base.


Colours for 2016 - espresso violet brown

Fine indigo highlights weaved on the top layers.


Metallic Silvery Blonde


Hair trends for 2016 - metallic silvery blonde

Bleached to a platinum level then glossed with a silver toner.



Colour trends for 2016 - Metallic silvery blonde

Highlighted to a platinum blonde glossed with a silvery white toner.


Mahogany Gold


Alternating mahogany and gold highlights

Alternating mahogany and gold highlights

Hair colour trends for 2016 - Mahogany gold hair colour

Highlighted then glossed with a mahogany gold semi-permanent


Pastel Colour Accents– e.g. pink, violet, blue, particular attractive in platinum blonde


On-trend hair colours for 2016 - Pale blue hair colour

Bleached and highlighted with a pastel blue toner


On tend hair colours - Pastel violet hair colour

Pastel violet toner dipped on the ends of highlighted hair.

Gold Chestnut Copper

Permanent chestnut colour applied with balayage golden ends

Permanent chestnut colour applied with balayage golden ends


Hair trends for 2016 - Golden copper hair colour

Chestnut gold colour applied throughout from roots to ends.


  1. Consultation is the key. Play with hair colour swatches near your face to get an idea what tone of brunette would suit your skin and eye colour.
  2. Indulge in a weekly moisturising mask. Shiny brunettes look great if your hair is healthy and nourished.
  3. To disguise any roots and to keep your colour looking fresh, make sure you get hair coloured every 6-8 weeks.
  4. Experiment with different tones, add a bold surface colour with a different shade around the face to create more depth. Adding warmer highlights will bring out new dimensions in brunettes.
  5. Going from blonde to brunette can completely change your look and you will need to adapt your make-up to suit. Dark hair makes your features more shadowy so your eyes will require extra definition.
  6. Never go more than two shades darker than your natural colour to keep it looking natural.
  7. Semi- permanents are the best colours designed when achieving darker shades. These colours gradually fade and contribute to a shiny finish, which will add a great focal point.
  8. Balancing cool undertones in your complexion try warm hues like chestnut brown, auburn and cinnamon. Ebony brown, mocha and violet based colours will enhance the natural warmth of your skin.
  9. Deep dark tones of espresso and inky black look striking next to blue based complexions. Warm hits of wine illuminate but don’t overwhelm deep natural browns.
  10. Shampoo and conditioner formulated for brunettes bring out the best in your colour. Avoid the awkward greys showing with Roux colour crayons. This root blending product is great because it temporarily covers roots until your next colour visit.

Some popular trend colours are :

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Mulberry Wine
  • Burnt Toffee


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